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Jason Momoa Bares His Butt During Fishing Trip with Friends [Video]

Jason Momoa likes to fish nearly naked — and we’re not mad!

via People:

The Aquaman star, 43, shared a series of photographs and videos on his Instagram Story Sunday, in which he could be seen sporting beige thong-like attire during a fishing trip with friends.

In one video shared on his Story, Momoa was captured wearing the piece while reeling in a fish.

Another image posted showed the actor posing beside a friend as they each held up their respective catches.

Momoa also shared an image of himself “catching rainbows” in a Mananalu water bottle. “Help stop single use plastic watter bottles and please recycle,” he wrote alongside the pic. “All my aloha.”

For the daytime boat outing, Momoa kept his hair up in a man bun with the sides shaved. The Game of Thrones alum previewed his haircut last month, when he revealed in an Instagram post that he cut his hair to highlight the issue of single-use plastic.

“I’m here in Hawaii right now, and just seeing things in our ocean, it’s just so sad. Please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your lives. Help me, plastic bottles are ridiculous… we’re going to keep going — oh, man. Love you guys. Aloha,” he said at the time, showing off his new hairdo.

Momoa then got a tattoo on the side of his newly-shaved head of an intricate tribal tattoo about a week later.

In the caption of a post highlighting his ink, Momoa thanked Hawiian tattoo artist Sulu’ape Keone Nunes for the intricate artwork and wrote that “it was a true honor 20 years in the making.”

Many commenters responded to the new look, including Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson. “Love you big bro your spirit is humble and so infectious and great! FastX is going to kill s— … Welcome to the FAST FAMILY!!!!!” he said. (Momoa stars in the upcoming 10th installment of the Fast Saga.)

We’d go fishing with Jason ANYday.


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