Jamie Foxx Reportedly Threw a Party at Rehab Facility in Chicago to Celebrate His Recovery

Jamie Foxx’s recovery is still ongoing, but according to a new report the actor threw a party at the rehabilitation facility in Chicago he’s he has been attending to celebrate his progress.

via Mail Online:

Foxx suffered a medical emergency in April of this year while shooting the action-comedy Back In Action in the Atlanta area with Cameron Diaz.

The source said Foxx ‘has been working really hard these last couple of months to get back to normal and has greatly improved since he first got to the facility.’

They added that he held the party ‘to celebrate being better.’

However, they noted that Foxx isn’t out of the woods yet and has not made a complete recovery at this point.

‘He is still doing some outpatient rehab though,’ the source added.

Foxx’s daughter Corinne has shared vague updates about his recovery and progress since announcing that he had suffered a ‘medical complication’ shortly after the event in April.

In May, she shared that he had even recovered enough to enjoy a game of pickleball.

She also said at the time that he had been ‘out of the hospital for weeks,’ suggesting that his initial hospitalization was brief.

Earlier this month, Foxx was pictured beaming and waving at fans from a boat as he cruised along the Chicago River.

However, a source told Us Weekly a few days later that the Baby Driver actor is ‘still not 100 percent better,’ despite making positive strides.

One recent celebrity encounter indicated that the acclaimed star thinks he’s feeling better.

On Monday, a woman in Chicago claimed that she ran into Foxx when he retrieved her purse after she dropped it from a pedicab.

He was pictured jumping out of an SUV to return the bag to her, according to People.

‘I’m feeling good,’ he allegedly replied when the woman asked him how he was feeling.

She also said he replied to her thanks with, ‘You’re welcome, baby.’

She added that his voice sounded ‘calm’ during the brief encounter. 

In June, a close friend of Foxx’s Back In Action costar Cameron Diaz told DailyMail.com that he had not communicated with her at all up to the point following his medical emergency. 

He reportedly had about eight days of shooting left on the film, though Cameron continued to film scenes with his body doubles while he was away and recovering. 

We’re looking forward to the day Jamie speaks out for himself.
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