Jaden Smith Denied Entry into Justin Bieber's Birthday Party for Being Underage, Party Gets Shut Down [Photos]

Bieber Bash Lovebscott

Justin Bieber has spent the last few days celebrating his 19th birthday in London. Last night he threw a lavish birthday party at Cirque du Soir in London that ended up getting shut down shortly after members of Bieber’s entourage got into some trouble with club security.

Before the night ended, things were already heading south as Justin’s rumored new girlfriend Ella-Page Roberts and good friend Jaden Smith were denied entry to the party because they are both underage. Ella is 17 and Jaden is only 14. The legal drinking age in London is 18.

Justin took to Twitter to vent his frustration with the entire evening.

Check out a few snaps of Justin, Ella and Jaden as they arrived to the party.

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