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Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Didn’t Help August Alsina, She Helped Destroy Him,’ a Close Source Alleges

Jada Pinkett Smith maintains that she was helping August Alsina ‘heal’ prior to their romantic relationship, but a source close to The Smiths says that Jada and August’s breakup only made things worse for him.

via Page Six:

A Hollywood actress who is a close friend of the Smiths calls Jada rolling this out on her show — on which she has unveiled multiple family issues, including her mom’s heroin addiction and daughter Willow cutting herself — “strategic.”

“Now, because [August] is speaking up, now you want to have a ‘Red Table’?” the actress said. “I will tell you what’s gonna happen. I bet you [Will and Jada] will be glorified.”

Meanwhile, insiders say August is holding back.

“I think he could’ve said a lot more regarding Jada and he didn’t,” Yee told The Post. “I believe he was truly hurt about his break-up with Jada.”

According to a family friend, Will and Jada initially brought August into their Southern California home because he was struggling.

“Will and Jada have big hearts, they look after people,” the family friend said. “Look, August is troubled — he’s had a lot of things to deal with and they wanted to help him.”

Sources said that the relationship did not occur while Will, Jada and August were all staying under the same roof.

“Jada [previously] said she was mentoring him .?.?. what kind of mentoring was she giving him where he felt he gave his all to a relationship that has left him devastated and hurt?

The Hollywood actress told The Post: “You can look at August and see that there’s a certain amount of pain that he is feeling, and you can hear in his words that he’s trying to speak his truth while still protecting the Smiths.

“You did not help him, you helped destroy him.”

We don’t know who this “actress” is, but it sounds like she has a personal problem with Jada, Will, and this whole situation.

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