J. Cole To Step Away From Canadian Basketball League To Fulfill Touring Obligations [Video]

After a memorable four games, J. Cole is stepping away from the Scarborough Shooting Stars to fulfill touring obligations, with no clear word on whether he’ll return.

via: BET

On Wednesday (June 8), the North Carolina rapper-turned Canadian basketball player spoke with reporter Savanna Hamilton about his experience with the team and why he has to step away.

“I was telling the guys in there like, ‘I’m going for these shows, I’m not sure if I’ll be back,’” he said. “But just in case, I had to let them know how incredible this was. The players, the coaching staff, the organization, the league. It’s a crazy thing when you see it on paper, what’s actually happening. And they made me feel so welcome, really feeling like a part of a team.”

Cole also noted how fortunate he was for his Shooting Stars teammates and how they made him feel comfortable while fulfilling a dream of his.

“Everybody embraced me,” he said. “Everybody helped settle nerves and talked me through and teach me, and I’m just on a team with a bunch of amazing guys. So, I appreciate them for that. Coaching staff, players and then the league. It’s priceless what they’re allowing me to come in here and do and experience, so I really appreciate that.”

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