It STILL Ain't Over: Lela Rochon Feels Taunted By Nicole Murphy Who WAS a Family Friend + Nicole Murphy PAID the Paparazzi to Take Those Photos of Her and Antoine Fuqua in Italy [Exclusive]

Just to recap — Nicole Murphy sat on Wendy Williams’ couch and lied through her teeth on us on Tuesday and we’ve been dropping her true tea on Wednesday, Thursday and now Friday. Shall we continue?

Yesterday, we told you that Antoine Fuqua believes that he was set-up by Nicole Murphy in Italy and that she called the paparazzi on them. He notoriously tries to stay out of the spotlight, so the entire ordeal seemed fishy to his inner circle.

In the hours following, sources exclusively reached out to to confirm that not only did Nicole call the paparazzi to take the photos — but she planned for four months and paid them to do it.

We’re also told that before the photos went public, the photos were sent to Antoine Fuqua’s family. His 15-year-old and 17-year-old are said to be ‘devastated’ and ’embarrassed’ by the scandal. Nicole was indeed a ‘family friend’ and their families would celebrate birthdays together when the kids were younger.

Lela Rochon is choosing to keep quiet and focus on the welfare of their kids — even though our sources also say Nicole Murphy has been taunting her through their mutual friends. She also feels like “the band-aid has been ripped off” with Nicole’s recent appearance on ‘Wendy.’

Antoine has no plans on leaving his wife…especially not for Nicole.

Stay tuned, love muffins. We’ll be getting into all this and more on the next episode of ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast. You can listen to ‘The B. Scott Show’ via Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or Stitcher.

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