Is That You? Eminem Looks Like He's Been Going Through It Lately [Photo] |

Is That You? Eminem Looks Like He’s Been Going Through It Lately [Photo]

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Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, spoke at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator of the Year awards in New York this past week — and unfortunately it’s not his speech that’s making headlines.

The Daily Mail described Em’s appearance as “looking haggard and gaunt,” and we’d have to agree.


The 42-year-old was flown out to acknowledge Dr. Dre and Beats Electronics partner Jimmy Iovine who were being honored for their entrepreneurship.

“Dre and Jimmy are a force of nature . . . They got me to fly here all the way from Detroit to speak publicly. And I really hate public speaking. My palms are sweaty,” the reclusive star stated onstage.

“When Jimmy and Dre put their minds to something, get on board or get the f*** out of the way.”

Good words aside, Em definitely looks like he’s had better days. If you recall, he’s been rather open about his drug addictions and most recently checked in to rehab back in 2005.


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