International Olympic Committee BANS Russia from 2018 Winter Games for Systematic Doping

It looks like the International Olympic Committee is harder on Russia than the United States government when it comes to playing by the rules.

The IOC has BANNED Russia from participating in the ’18 Winter Olympics after the country was busted running a massive doping scheme.

Athletes from Russia — in every sport — won’t be allowed to compete, the Russian flag won’t be flown, and officials from the country aren’t welcome in PyeongChang, South Korea where the games are being held.

The Russian athletes who can prove they aren’t doping will be allowed to compete under a neutral flag — but they can’t rep a country.

The unprecedented penalty comes after the IOC completed an independent investigation into the country for operating an expansive state-sponsored doping program.

The United States Olympic Committee addressed the punishment, saying :

“The IOC took a strong and principled decision. There were no perfect options, but this decision will clearly make it less likely that this ever happens again. Now it is time to look ahead to PyeongChang.”

Russia’s been cheating in just about everything, haven’t they?

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