'Insecure' Star Jay Ellis and Longtime Girlfriend Nina Senicar Are Reportedly Getting Married and Expecting Their First Child

‘Insecure’ star Jay Ellis is about to be a husband…and a father!

According an interview in the Serbian publication Story, he’s preparing to wed his longtime girlfriend Nina Senicar.

Not only that, but they’re also said to be expecting their first child together.

via MadameNoire:

In the far from perfect but pretty clear Google translation from the magazine’s June issue, the 33-year-old actress was four months pregnant at the time and that their child is due in autumn. She is also featured on the cover of the magazine sporting what looks to be a baby bump.

She had allegedly received questions for years about whether or not she and Ellis were going to start a family, even telling the Serbian magazine Hello in the past that marriage and motherhood was something she wanted for herself.

In 2018, when asked about such plans, specifically marriage, she responded, “We are not planning it yet, although I’m never aware of it. If I ever get married I would like to be an intimate act in the family and friends circle.”

She also told Hello that when it comes to being a mom, it would be her most significant role to date.

“I’m sure that this role will be more important to me than any role in any film or series.”

Ellis and Senicar have reportedly been an item since 2015. The actor has managed to stay pretty quiet about his relationship, despite the fact that he hasn’t necessarily hid their romance. They’ve gone to a number of events together and been spotted abroad hand-in-hand. He defended their relationship in 2017 while visiting The Breakfast Club. 

“I am in a relationship. I’m in a very happy relationship and that’s where I leave it,” he said at the time. “I don’t really worry about anything else and that’s it. I think for me, we give so much of ourselves in what we do no matter what side of the industry we’re on so for me…a relationship for me is probably the most important thing that I think two people can have.”

Senicar has also kept it brief when it comes to speaking about what the pair have — until now, of course.

“I’m happy and satisfied, that’s the most important thing.” 

Good for them. We have suspicions as to why Jay decided to keep his relationship low-key, but we’ll keep them to ourselves.

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