What Do We Have Here? Iggy Azalea & Azealia Banks Bury the Hatchet, Tease Collaboration [Photos]

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea have been notoriously at odds for the last few years, but it looks like they’ve been able to settle their differences.

Not only that, but they’ve both  been teasing a possible collaboration.

Recently, Iggy posted a note on Snapchat that seems to have kicked off the reconciliation.

“Call me crazy but girl; I don’t hate you,” she wrote. “I don’t know you to hate you. I believe you may want to meet me in person so you can steal a lock of my hair and cast a spell hoping I die (lol) I don’t agree with many of your opinions but honestly, At times I empathize with you as a creative Gemini woman.”

Azealia shared Iggy’s note on her own IG.

From the desk of @thenewclassic ??????

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Then, Azealia went a bit further and suggested the idea of them doing a song together as part of her ‘rap bitch’ dreams.

I’m going to need 121 strong red roosters to make this happen. (A girl can dream though ????)

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Azealia opened up about making up with Iggy in an interview with XXL shortly after:

“I think a true reconciliation can happen once there is some acknowledgment of what hip-hop has been trying to tell her,” she said. “I still don’t think she quite understands the effect her racial privilege and the socio-economic leverage that comes with it has on a marginalized group of women’s culture. Race aside, this is also a women’s issue. I hope that there will be a chance for us to have an open discussion about this, as I feel America and the world could really benefit from some candid discourse between two public figures about the world’s biggest sickness: racism. I wish for women of the future to be able to refer to this moment in women’s culture as an example of what can happen when people take time to understand.”

Maybe there’s hope for 2017 after all…

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