Idris Elba and Regina King Star in Thrilling Teaser for Netflix's Black Western Harder They Fall [Video] |

Idris Elba and Regina King Star in Thrilling Teaser for Netflix’s Black Western Harder They Fall [Video]

Regina King, Idris Elba, LaKeith Stanfield, Jonathan Majors and more will star as Western outlaws in the new JAY-Z-produced movie, The Harder They Fall. The first trailer for the upcoming Netflix original was released on Thursday (June 24).

via: People

The clip shows King’s “Treacherous” Trudy Smith and LaKeith Stanfield’s Cherokee Bill quite literally stopping a train in its tracks, with Trudy putting a bullet in the head of the white conductor who’s about to call her the N-word.

The two then jump on the train and hold everyone hostage until they get what they’re looking for – the release of Elba’s Rufus Buck, held in a safe on the train.

A massive shoot-out ensues as Rufus walks out of the train car and Trudy and Bill kill everyone on board.

“You do know how to make an entrance,” Bill quips later on.

The rest of the teaser shows how Rufus will be hunted down by Jonathan Major’s Nat Love and his crew, including Zazie Beetz, Edi Gathegi and R.J. Cyler. Also starring in the film is screen legend Delroy Lindo, Danielle Deadwyler, Deon Cole and Damon Wayans Jr.

The Harder They Fall marks the directorial debut for Jeymes Samuel, who also cowrote the film with Boaz Yakin. Samuel also works under the name The Bullitts as a singer-songwriter.

Samuel previously collaborated with JAY-Z on The Great Gatsby, with the duo teaming back up again to write and produce original music for The Harder They Fall.

The new-school Western will hit select theaters and Netflix this fall.

What an amazing cast, we are ready for this now!

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