Ice-T Says 'Jungle Sex' Is the Secret to His Marriage to Coco Austin: 'That Flame Has to Stay Lit' |

Ice-T Says ‘Jungle Sex’ Is the Secret to His Marriage to Coco Austin: ‘That Flame Has to Stay Lit’

Ice-T is letting everyone in on the secret to his long-lasting marriage to Coco Austin.

via People:

While celebrating Law & Order: SVU ‘s 25th anniversary season in New York City on Tuesday, the rapper, 65, told E! News that the two enjoy “jungle sex.”

“That flame has to stay lit. When that flame goes out and you’re not really attracted to each other anymore, you have to address that very quickly because it’s something that’s necessary,” he told the outlet while referring to his wife, 44, as his “teammate.”

“We have to be teammates, not opponents, not assets, not liabilities. I value what she brings to me, and I think it’s vice versa. We appreciate each other,” Ice-T explained.

After being married for over two decades, he told the outlet that finding the right partner is about someone who is “ready for all the scenes” of life.

“Getting married is like casting for a movie,” he explained. “You got to pick somebody who’s ready for all the scenes. Now, there’s gonna be fun scenes. There’s gonna be sad scenes. There’s gonna be tough scenes. There’s gonna be fight scenes. A lot of people don’t sign up for the whole movie. They just sign up for the good part.”

The couple are parents to 8-year-old Chanel Nicole Marrow. Ice-T is also a father to daughter LeTesha Marrow, 47, whom he shares with his high school girlfriend Adrienne, and son Tracy Marrow Jr., 32, with ex-girlfriend Darlene Ortiz.

At the event, the couple told PEOPLE that Chanel has an agent and is interested in appearing on the NBC show one day.

“You know Chanel and Ryan Buggle [who plays Noah, son of Mariska Hargitay‘s character Olivia Benson] have the same agents. We didn’t even know that. She just got an agent,” Austin told PEOPLE.

Ice-T said she wanted to be at the event and was “mad” to have had to miss the event.

Ice-T joined SVU as Detective Fin Tutuola in the show’s second season and has become the longest-running male actor on television.

Although he has maintained a busy schedule, he and Austin have raised their daughter with the help of no nannies. “Coco is super mom. We have no nannies. She doesn’t do that,” he told PEOPLE in December.

“If you’re fortunate enough to be able to stay home with your kids, it’s the most incredible and most admirable thing you can do, is raise a child/ So don’t let no woman make you feel any kind of way,” he told PEOPLE. “Do that job. So she picks Chanel up, goes to school, brings her back, takes her to Kung Fu, takes her to all that stuff.”

Jungle Sex? We’ll have to try it…

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