Ice Spice Receives Backlash For 16-Year-Old Twerking In “Deli” Music Video

Ice Spice is in some hot water resulting from her new music video, which features an underaged TikTok star twerking.

via: Vibe

Popular TikToker Aya Tanjali is seen in multiple scenes of the Bronx rapper’s music video. The scene that caused controversy over the internet finds the 16-year-old on all fours twerking on a countertop.

Twitter, in its efforts to provide proper context to users, added a cautionary message to the “Munch (Feelin’ U)” rapper’s Wednesday (July 26) tweet promoting the visual. “Viewers should be warned this video features a minor dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which may violate state and federal laws,” the message reads. “One of the dancers in this video is 16 years old, a fact likely known to Ice Spice, as the two follow one another on Instagram.” Check out the “Deli” video and Twitter’s note below.

“ICE SPICE NOOOO!!!! AYA TANJALI IS 16!!!!!” one user tweeted about Ice Spice including Aya Tanjali in the music video. Another user wrote, “Yeah you mad weird for having a 16 year old child doing all that in your [music video] i’m not even gonna hold you.” One last user didn’t want to mince words but revealed that they were “disgusted” by Tanjali’s inclusion and twerking. The hitmaker has yet to comment on the backlash she is receiving. Check out the tweets from fans above.

The Like..? deluxe was released last Friday (July 21). It included five new tracks, namely “How High?,” “Butterfly Ku,” “Deli,” the remix to “Princess Diana” featuring Nicki Minaj, and Ice Spice’s freestyle on On The Radar hosted by Gabe P.

It’s been a big year for the bubbling superstar, who was declared to have more top 5 Billboard Hot 100 entries than any other artist as of June 2023.

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