Ice Cube Hits Back at Eric Trump: 'N*gga Please' [Photos] |

Ice Cube Hits Back at Eric Trump: ‘N*gga Please’ [Photos]

The Trump administration has been having a field day touting its support from Ice Cube and now 50 Cent.

Eric Trump took to Twitter to share a photoshopped image of both Ice Cube and 50 Cent wearing ‘Trump 2020′ hats along with the caption “Two great, courageous Americans!’

As the tweet circulated, Ice Cube responded to Eric with a simple “N*gga Please…”

We’re not sure why Ice Cube decided to use THAT response to the very white Eric Trump…but we’re confused by a lot of things he’s doing right now.

Before Eric’s original tweet got deleted, Twitter flagged the image as ‘manipulated media.’

Here’s the original photo, for those wondering:


Ice Cube should’ve known what he was getting himself involved int. You know what they say…play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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