Ice Cube Defends Decision To Do Business With Elon Musk |

Ice Cube Defends Decision To Do Business With Elon Musk

There are no permanent friends and enemies in business.

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Ice Cube swiftly addressed a fan’s accusation of being aligned with “white supremacists,” notably Elon Musk, following a recent update about The Big 3 League.

On Thursday (March 22), the iconic West Coast rapper took to X (formerly Twitter) to deliver highly anticipated news on the comeback of his 3-on-3 pro basketball league, which is set to kick off its seventh season on June 15th.

Asked why the league isn’t on the streaming platform Rumble Video, Cube replied, “Cause we’re on X…better ask somebody.”

The former N.W.A. rapper’s answer faced criticism from fans who questioned his decision to do business with X owner, Elon Musk — with whom he previously clashed with — casting doubt on Cube’s intentions.

“I respect you’re responce [sic] but just look and see who Elon connects himself to and tell me I’m wrong. I still have respect for Cube, always will. However I’m not blind to his who he aligns with. I like the Big 3, Both things can be right at the same time,” wrote one fan.

“Love and respect Cube but his alignment with a white supremest [sic] is all we need to know. I get it money matters so do you my guy. Just keep it 100 and don’t Trojan horse for them. White Supremacy is who you are and represent. Enjoy!!,” a second comment reads.

The remark seemingly references Musk’s friendships with figures like disgraced former president Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, and others assumed to be white supremacists.

To which Ice Cube clapped back, “Shut yo bitch ass up! I ain’t aligned with nothing, punk. I draw my own fuckin lines.”

Ahead of the Big 3’s new season, Cube extended an invitation to Shaquille O’Nealwhom he’s previously dubbed one of the greatest players of all time — to join the league, after the NBA superstar recently floated the idea of playing in the legends league.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Ice Cube wrote: “We got the contract ready for you, big fella. You got three months to get Diesel. You can eat all day in @thebig3 @SHAQ.”

During a chat with former Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers on his Big podcast, Shaq toyed with the idea of hitting the court again, albeit with a hint of hesitation.

To which the current Big 3 player replied: “Yeah, easily. I got the perfect spot for you too. Come over there with me and Mike Beasley. You ain’t gotta do nothing but stay in the paint.”

Shaq continued: “You really think I could play? I thought about it. I just had hip surgery and I ain’t played since. I don’t think I can get back in that mood.”

Shaq’s retirement from the NBA was 13 years ago, but his potential return to the court could be a game-changer for the Big 3. As the most iconic player, his presence would elevate the league, already boasting former stars like Joe Johnson, Rashard Lewis, and Jason Richardson.

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