Howell Wayans, Patriarch of the Wayans Family, Dead at 86 |

Howell Wayans, Patriarch of the Wayans Family, Dead at 86

The Wayans family patriarch, Howell Wayans, has died.

via: Entertainment Tonight

Marlons Wayans, one of Howell’s 10 famous children, took to Instagram on Saturday and announced the tragic news while also paying tribute to his late father. Marlon recalled a story from his childhood, when he asked his father what he wanted to be when he grew up.

“He simply said ‘I wanted to be a man,'” Wayans wrote in his caption. “I said ‘not a lawyer? A doctor? An actor?’ He said ‘just a man.’ I said ‘but every boy becomes a man.’ Dad said, ‘Not true.’ I asked ‘then what’s a man?’ My Dad said ‘A man takes care of himself and his responsibilities. His family is always FIRST.’ From that day on I wanted to be a MAN.'”

The 50-year-old comedian and actor then thanked his “Pop” for “being an example of a Man to all your boys.” He added, “I got two angels. I feel y’all lifting me already. If there’s a heaven I know you sitting in VIP sippin’ the best wine jesus can make.”

Longtime friend and comedian D.L. Hughley dropped a comment in support, “love to you and the family. He was man and King among men. It’s evident in the legacy of FAMILY he raised [and] cared for.”

The Wayans matriarch, Elvira, died back in July 2020. She was 81. Like with the announcement of Elvira’s death, Howell’s cause of death was not disclosed.

Howell and Elvira had 10 children — Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn, Marlon, Dwayne, Kim, Nadia, Elvira, Diedre and Vonnie — all of whom were raised in New York City. They were all famous for their work in front and behind the camera on many Hollywood projects, including the hit show The Wayans Bros., which aired 101 episodes across five seasons on the WB.

The Wayans family also had a hand in the Scary Movie franchise, In Living Color, Don’t Be a Menace and the cult classic White Chicks.


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