How Nice: Anonymous Donor Uses Dogecoin Earnings to Pay Adoption Fees at Daytona Shelter

An animal-loving donor anonymously paid the adoption fees for all dogs at a Daytona Beach, Florida, shelter on Saturday.

via People:

The donor, dubbed Doge Community, won big using cryptocurrency Dogecoin and put some of those funds toward the adoption fees of dogs that were currently ready to be adopted from Halifax Humane Society.

“A generous donor, Doge Community has paid the adoption fees of all dogs in the adoption kennel at the time that were still available,” the shelter shared on Sunday along with photos of some of the animals. “Special thanks to Doge Community for their kindness and generosity.”

The Halifax Humane Society also clarified that dogs who have been brought to the center since Saturday will have an adoption fee.

“All adopters will still need to qualify for their adoption,” the shelter added.

Halifax Humane Society Community Outreach Director Barry Kukes explained in an interview with Fox 6 that the donor “had made a very wise investment in some cryptocurrency and had a windfall and said it changed her life that she wanted to do something nice.”

Dogecoin’s value increased after it was popularized on Thursday when Elon Musk tweeted a photo of a dog captioned, “Doge Barking at the Moon,” and liked tweets related to the cryptocurrency.

Kukes told Fox 6 that the donation came at a time of need as Halifax Humane Society had just taken in 42 dogs from a suspected dog-fighting ring and were tight for space to take in more animals.

“We’ve got some space now. We’re not at total capacity, but it changes almost on a daily basis. They come out as quickly as they come in,” he said.

How nice. It would be great if someone would do the same for homelessness or racial injustice or anything else related to humanity.

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