How Convenient: '106 and Park' Goes on 'Hiatus' After Blue Ivy Joke, BET Says It Was Planned


BET issued an apology for the distasteful joke made about Blue Ivy’s hair, and most of us thought that would be that.

However, many people were surprised to find out today that 106 and Park wouldn’t be airing during it’s normal time.

Not only did the show not air today, it won’t be on for the rest of the week.

Rumors began to swirl that the people responsible for the joke (i.e. the producers of 106 and Park) got fired and/or severely reprimanded. Shortly after, BET’s rep issued a statement saying that 106 and Park’s hiatus was ‘planned’.

Our question is, if indeed this random hiatus was planned — why no mention of it before? Do you believe the hiatus was planned, or did Beyoncé & co. make heads roll over at BET?

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