Hollywood Already Eyeing Movie About WallStreetBets, GameStop

The biggest non-presidential story of 2021 isn’t even close to over yet. It’s the stock market saga involving amateur Reddit investors who gamed the system, turning flailing businesses like GameStop and AMC Theatres into cash cows and prompting angry responses from Robinhood Marketing Inc. And though the story is only a week old with no end in sight, Hollywood is already turning it into a movie.

via: New York Post

This was a sure bet…

Hollywood already has its sights set on last week’s GameStop trading frenzy.

MGM recently scored the rights to a book proposal about the WallStreetBets Reddit forum tentatively titled “The Antisocial Network,” Deadline reported Sunday.

The planned tome, by Ben Mezrich, will explore how the group of rogue day traders shook Wall Street by boosting shares in GameStop and other companies in defiance of large hedge funds.

While the saga is still very recent, Deadline reported that Mezrich took the proposal on the market by the end of last week, and MGM quickly snatched it up after a competitive bidding war.

Mezrich is the author of “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, a Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal,” which was adapted into Oscar-winner “The Social Network” in 2010.

And they say Hollywood is out of original ideas.

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