Holly Robinson Peete Claps Back at Wendy Williams for Throwing 'Intentional Shade' at Her Reality Show [Video]


Holly Robinson Peete is sticking up for her family AND her show.

Earlier this week, Wendy Williams brought up the topic of Holly’s Oprah Winfrey Network reality show, For Peete’s Sake.

While she didn’t completely trash the show, Wendy did say that she wasn’t really feeling it.

“Holly, Rodney, You know I love you Peetes. I tried but I got to tell you something. There’s no place on TV anywhere it seems for shows like this,” she explained. “The bar has been risen. Ms. Peete is 80 years old, she’s dating, she’s cute but nobody cares.”

“Holly’s got the cute kids with Rodney. They’ve been married forever, but I don’t think people care,” she continued. “That’s sad for us, for TV watchers. Not for people who try to keep it together and be family and be good examples. That’s all.”

Holly took to Twitter to clap back and shame Wendy for throwing shade on her positive show.

See what Wendy said that got everyone all riled up below.

[via E!]

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