Holiday Cheer: Tyrese Gibson Gave His Hotel Rooms to a Homeless Family, Encourages People to 'Do More' |

Holiday Cheer: Tyrese Gibson Gave His Hotel Rooms to a Homeless Family, Encourages People to ‘Do More’

Tyrese is spreading some holiday cheer this season by giving back.

After learning he had three unused hotel rooms at his disposal while filming the upcoming flick, ‘Dangerous’ in Kamloops, Canada, he decided to offer them to a family of six who was homeless.

via People:

The Fast & Furious actor and rapper posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday where he talked about the decision and the importance of helping others, especially this year, amid a deadly pandemic and economic turmoil.

“I hope that they come in here and feel blessed,” he says in the video of offering up his room, which was happily accepted by the family.

Gibson, 41, tells PEOPLE: “I’m just trying to encourage people.”

(He also notes he did not want to film the family for social media, sensitive to their privacy, though some of their voices are heard. The next day, Gibson says, his agent reached out to double-check if he’d given up his hotel rooms — indeed he had, he said.)

In his video, Gibson presents a “30-day selfless challenge” to his followers.

“We have never lived in a world like the world we’re living in now, where some of the most talented, smart, brilliant, educated and capable people are all out of work — losing everything they’ve ever worked for in their lifetimes,” he says in the video.

He continues: “You may not have the money but we are all very capable of doing more. If you see someone sleeping outside in the freezing cold, don’t turn a blind eye. Do something. Buy them blankets, give them food, warm water, something. Anything.”

Gibson, who recently launched the travel business, has also been giving away $1,000 and plans to for 30 days.

He tells PEOPLE, “I think we could all do more.”

Tyrese catches a lot of backlash for his antics, but he should also get credit when he does some good.

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