#HisNameIsCayden: Man Fired After Posting Racist Comments About Black Co-Worker’s Child [Photos]

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A man named Gerod Roth, known by some as ‘Geris Hilton’ has been fired from his job at Polaris Marketing Group after a picture he posted to Facebook both incited and encouraged racist comments about his co-worker’s Black child.

Gerod Roth Racist Comments lovebscott 1

After the picture and offending comments went viral, Polaris’s President swiftly took to Facebook to address the situation and publicize Roth’s termination.

geris hilton gerod roth fired racist comments facebook

Roth and his friends used the photo as an opportunity to make racist jokes at the child’s expense. It’s also being reported that “Emily Irene Red” has been fired as well.

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The child has been identified by his mother Sydney as Cayden Jayce. Sydney took to Facebook to share more images of Cayden and to thank his supporters.


Let this serve as another reminder — it’s never just ‘the Internet’. What you do online often has real-life consequences. Also, don’t be a racist.

[via NewsOne]

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