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He’s Back! Kanye West Returns To Instagram After Social Media Suspension [Photo]

Earlier this year, Kanye West’s Instagram page was a source of wildly erratic takes from the rapper/producer/father of four. Each new post brought a deluge of attention — not all of it positive — as he attacked his ex’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson, lamented the separation of his family, and generally made a bit of a nuisance of himself. The drama concluded when he deactivated his account, presumably to go away and get some much-needed counseling out of the public eye.

via: OK!

On Monday, May 23, West took to his Instagram Story to seemingly promote McDonald’s, as he shared a photo of a burger in the shape of a square that had the brand’s logo of an “M” on top of the bun with the words “Next week it’s the fries” displayed below the image.

West’s social media account has been completely erased, though he previously used the platform to target the mother of his children’s new flame after they first linked up last year amid the former couple’s divorce woes.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t West’s only activity as of late on the platform, as he made a sweet comment on his girlfriend Chaney Jones’ Instagram post on Friday, May 13. Jones’ post consisted of several photos of her stunning in metallic ensembles that showed off her bombshell curves while her face was covered by oversized glasses.

The Donda performer commented a black heart emoji, to which Jones — who looks strikingly similar, if not identical, to Kardashian — replied with three black heart emojis.

OK! reported the father-of-four was temporarily suspended from the platform in March for violating the bullying and harassment policies. Apart from using the platform to accuse his ex of keeping their children from him and trolling the Saturday Night Live star, he also shared a racially-loaded post targeted at Noah because he publicly defended Kardashian amid her and West’s public feud.

After West’s suspension, he failed to appear at the 64th Grammy Awards in April, as his scheduled performance was pulled weeks prior in light of his scathing post about Noah, and dropped out of Coachella right before the two-week festival.

Following his shocking decision to pull his Coachella performance, an insider spilled: “For the sake of the kids, Kanye has told Kim he’s not making any public appearances or inflammatory social media statements, and he will go away somewhere to get better.”

It’s unclear how he planned to “get better,” but he was spotted with his girlfriend last month in Japan, so maybe a much-needed vacation calmed his nerves. West’s new romance comes on the heels of his whirlwind relationship with ex Julia Fox, who previously addressed she was his muse and that they were in an open relationship.

There’s no information on what motivated this project or whether it’ll be used in any wider capacity yet, but fans are already celebrating Kanye’s return to Instagram; the new post has just under 1,000,000 likes in three hours.

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