Harry Styles' Fan Hits Singer in the Eye After Throwing Something Onstage During a Concert [Video]

Harry Styles is the latest performer to be hit by an item thrown onstage while performing.

via JJ:

The 29-year-old “As It Was” hitmaker is so close to wrapping up his long-running Love on Tour. However, a video has emerged of him being hit in the eye by a projectile during a performance in Vienna, Austria on Saturday (July 8).

In the clip, which is currently going viral on Twitter, Harry can be seen walking with a microphone in hand when something flies and hits him in the face.

The singer instantly stopped and held a hand up over his eye before walking on. He appeared to be in a lot of pain, and we hope that he is feeling alright.

Harry is hardly the first artist to be hit by an item while performing in recent weeks. Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a phone during one of her recent shows. The singer had to get three stitches and was left with a nasty black eye. She took an extra precaution when she returned to the stage for a later concert.

Stop throwing things at people on stage. At this rate, all of our artists will be performing behind plexiglass by the end of the year.

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