Halle Berry Isn’t Happy with Drake Using Her Photo for New Single Artwork: 'Didn't Get My Permission'

Halle Berry is speaking out and making her displeasure with Drake known after he used an image of her for his latest single artwork without asking her permission.

The photo is from the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in which Halle gets slimed.

via Complex:

On Friday, the actress took to her Instagram account with a post of a quote that read, “Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy…even if you’re a woman!” A person took the post and assumed it was about her picture being used for Drake and SZA’s cover art, and they wasted no time asking questions. 

“@halleyberry, what are your thoughts of drake using that picture of you for his single?,” wrote the person. Halle Berry wrote back to the person saying, “[Drake] didn’t get my permission. That’s not cool I thought better of him!” 

Berry continued, “Hence my post today. When people you admire disappoint you you have to be the bigger person and move on!” 

Earlier this week, Drake and SZA posted the initial cover art featuring Berry, which showed her drenched in green slime. The “Slime You Out” duo didn’t use Berry’s picture as the cover art on streaming platforms as they opted for Adonis Graham’s viral picture of a dog.

Before the song dropped today, he gave fans in Dallas an exclusive preview after his show. He’s currently on his It’s All a Blur Tour with 21 Savage.

While he has every legal right to use it, the right thing to do would be to reach out to Halle or change the artwork.

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