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Halle Bailey Denies She Has Breast Implants: ‘God Gave Me These’

Hailey Bailey is setting the record straight on her body.

via People:

On Wednesday, the Grammy-nominated songstress, 22, addressed speculation that she has breast implants.

The Little Mermaid actress tweeted: “lmaooo not y’all thinking i got boob implants whattt.”

“no ma’am God gave me these and gave chloe the booty,” Bailey added of her sister Chloe Bailey, 23.

The ChloexHalle duo aren’t strangers to celebrating one another’s bodies on social media.

During a candid Instagram Live session in May 2019, the sisters saluted each other’s curves and stretch marks.

“I used to put all of these different oils and concoctions on my skin thinking and praying and hoping it would fix it,” Chloe said of her stretch marks. “Nothing. Nothing worked at all.”

Added Halle: “Stretch marks are beautiful. They’re a sign that you’re getting cake. This one here, she has an amazing, amazing butt,” she said while pointing at the “Have Mercy” singer. “I know y’all see it too. She has an amazing butt. Stretch marks add to that beauty. I don’t have a butt, I’m very small. It’s like a grape.”

Leave Halle alone.

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