Gwen Stefani Says Solo Career 'Wasn't Me'


If there were any fans holding out hope for a third Gwen Stefani solo record, give up now. Gwen Stefani revealed in Spanish Vogue that she felt as if she were playing a ‘pretend version’ of herself during her two successful solo records.

The lead singer of the rock band No Doubt said:

“I did the solo thing, but I felt like I was trying to play a character in a way, this Alice in Wonderland pretend version of myself. But this, being in No Doubt, is really who I am.”

The fashion designer previously revealed that she had no intentions of ever making another solo album, and when speaking of her band said

“Time kind of stops when you’re in a band. It’s this suspended childhood, and it’s really awesome, that part of it. But then when you have a family of your own, it forces you to go into the adult world a little bit more.”

Are you sad that Gwen doesn’t want to be solo anymore or are you a No Doubt fan ’til the end?

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