Gunplay's Wife Posts Shocking Video of Him Breaking Their TV

Gunplay’s wife has released footage of a previous domestic incident in which the rapper destroyed their TV with a frying pan.

via: Rap-Up

This morning (Sept. 2), Vonshaé Taylor-Morales, posted a series of video clips showing a disagreement between her and Gunplay. In a lengthy caption, she stated, “I was trying my hardest to just let his little story slide, but I can’t. Yes, I hit him with a bottle. I did anything possible to make him let go of our daughter, and the police know that. Furthermore, my grandmother has been dead for SIX years. I didn’t know I could call the dead. This was back when I found out I was pregnant before we moved to Brickell.”

In an attempt to give backstory about the incident, she exclaimed, “All of this because I poured out HIS Hennessy AFTER he kept buying liquor, trippin’ (notice in his statement, he said it was me with Hennessy, and he broke the TV over a game once before). He almost assaulted a fan in the parking lot just for saying, ‘I went to high school with you.’ She then called the police. That man can go from 1,000 to 2 as soon as he sees the police.”

This video clip comes on the heels of a report that the Florida-based rapper was arrested for allegedly pointing an AK-47 at Taylor-Morales while holding their 6-month-old daughter. He was arrested in Miami and is facing several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and child abuse, despite denying the allegations.

In Gunplay’s wife’s caption, she claimed, “Now here we are present day. All the drama has transpired, and he says the very next day on a recorded jail call he doesn’t remember anything to MULTIPLE people. This is his cycle. At some point, enough is enough.”

Taylor-Morales recently secured a restraining order against the Rick Ross collaborator following the ordeal.

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