GQ Magazine Takes A Look At The NBA's Most Stylish Ballers [Photos] |

GQ Magazine Takes A Look At The NBA’s Most Stylish Ballers [Photos]


It is no argument that many NBA players like Lebron ‘King James’ James, Dwayne “D-Wade” Wade, and Kevin “KD” Durant are all very stylish. As much as fans love to see them ball out on the court, fans love to see their style persona and love to see them during post game conference, at events, and just out and about donning designer duds. “GQ‘s Steve Marsh spent a week trailing basketball’s biggest names—Kevin Durant,  Kobe, D-Wade, LeBron [and others]—to find out how they’re turning the league into a runway  for the world’s tallest peacocks” (GQ); And what would this feature be without discussing, arguably the most talked about NBA player’s style… Russell Westbrook.

Per Russell Westbrook’s publicist, the OKC star is known as the “Kate Moss of the NBA”… how appropriate! The article goes on to say about Westbrook..

When I ask Russ how he feels about being compared to a female British supermodel famous for making heroin chic and saying things like “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” he  assures me he’s cool with it. “It’s a little different,” he says. “But I think  it got said because some people are not afraid to do certain things or wear certain stuff. You have to have a certain swagger about you.” Even Westbrook has  his limits, of course—Kanye‘s infamous leather kilt, for instance. Though in his next breath Russ allows that he’d “be open to it if it were a slimmer fit.”

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