'Goonica' Trends After Monica Jumps Off Stage to Confront Man Hitting Woman [Video]

Monica had to stop her set and pop off on a man in the audience of one of her recent shows because she saw him hit a woman.

‘Goonica’ JUMPED out — literally.

via Complex:

The incident took place over the weekend at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit, when Monica stopped her performance to check a male concertgoer who allegedly assaulted a woman in the crowd.

“No, don’t you hit her like that,” Monica said to the agressor. “Listen, listen, listen, if y’all don’t get that n-word up out of here. We [not] even supposed to play like that. You ain’t no n-word like that. Is you out [of] your fucking mind?”

in another clip, which is posted in the tweet below, Monica is seen taking matters into her own hands, as she jumped into the crowd to confront the man.

“You don’t hit no fucking lady like that,” she can be heard saying.

For those who aren’t privy to Monica’s nickname, the singer explained the origin of “Goonica” during an Instagram Live session last year.

“Believe it or not, it started as an insult,” she explained. “It was like ‘Goonica’ or ‘Glockica.’ It was supposed to be an insult, but I was never insulted. I don’t play about my family, my business, my integrity, the people I love […] Goonica really derived from me—you remember ‘kick down your door and smack your chick/just to show you Monica not having it.”

If there’s ONE woman in R&B you do NOT play with — it’s Monica.

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