God Don't Like Ugly: 'RHOA' Husband Marc Daly’s Restaurant Cited For Vermin & Improper Food Storage

Marc Daly might need to spend less time barking orders at his wife and more time barking orders at his SoCo employees.

According to Bossip, Marc’s restaurant SoCo was cited last month for a bunch of health code violations.

via Bossip:

Inspectors from New York City’s Health Department performed a routine probe on the southern fusion restaurant on Feb. 13, and found:

-Food wasn’t properly protected from sources of contamination during storage, prep, transportation, display or service.
-Cold food items weren’t being refrigerated at appropriate temperatures.
-Live roaches were present in both the kitchen and/or dining area.
-There was evidence of mice in the kitchen and/or dining area.
-The restaurant isn’t vermin proof and has conditions that are conducive to attracting vermin and allowing them to exist.

The health department ultimately gave the eatery an “A” grade, but the 28 violation points were the most that it had ever racked up, according to city records obtained by BOSSIP.

Live roaches? Mice? That’s nasty — just like Marc’s attitude.

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