Glory Johnson Shares Her Side of Brittney Griner Split: 'I was not expecting to have our marriage end so abruptly'

Just one week after Brittney Griner filed for an annulment of their marriage, fellow WNBA All-Star Glory Johnson is speaking out and sharing her side of the story.

via AP:

“I am truly really saddened by the recent turn of events and was not expecting to have our marriage end so abruptly,” she wrote in a statement. “I am ready to begin focusing on my health, pregnancy and am going to remain in Tulsa to continue to build my relationship with the Tulsa Shock organization, and my teammates. I appreciate the support of my fans, family and loved ones and look forward to returning to the basketball court as soon as I can.”

Glory also addressed the many rumors surrounding their relationship & her pregnancy.

“I would like to address the inaccurate statements released surrounding my marriage and pregnancy, so that I can continue, after this statement, to focus on my privacy and allow our lawyers to handle this situation,” she said.

Johnson said she was impregnated via in vitro fertilization with her egg and a donor’s sperm. In court documents, Griner said she has no biological connection with the baby, and she is uncertain how long Johnson has been pregnant.

“At no stage was Brittney pressured to undertake the fertility process,” Johnson’s statement said. “In fact, throughout the entire process, Brittney was a willing participant, consenting and signing all the necessary documents that needed to be signed in order to move forward with the treatments.”

Last week, Brittney told ESPN that she felt ‘pressured’ by Glory to get married. Glory insists the desire to wed was mutual.

“In addition, while we may have both had our reservations, we both willfully and joyfully walked down the aisle together and decided to get married,” Johnson said.

It certainly takes two to tango. Now that they’ve both publicly pleaded their cases, the rest of their split should be handled privately — don’t you think?

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