GloRilla and JT Trade Shots Following Rumors of Beef: 'Mentioned Yo Name to Clear the Air' |

GloRilla and JT Trade Shots Following Rumors of Beef: ‘Mentioned Yo Name to Clear the Air’

JT and GloRilla are exchanging words after the Miami native denied that a physical altercation previously occurred between them.

via: Complex

On Friday, the two rappers got on the platform formally known as Twitter to get some things off their chest after Glo mentioned her relationship with JT on her latest mixtape titled Ehhthang Ehhthang. On the song “Aite,” Glo claimed there’s no bad blood with JT after fans thought they were beefing following an alleged slapping altercation at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

“I just pray one day the bad bitches would come together/’Cause Cardi and Nicki on a track would break some fuckin’ records/ Me and JT ain’t the best of friends but we ain’t beefin’/ Know bitches always havin’ ana that they keep a secret,” Glo rapped.

JT caught wind of the song and hopped on Twitter to call her out over what she believed was fake unity amongst female rappers.

“I been said she didn’t! She the one went radio silent! Played into, released a song about slapping rap b***hes now it’s female unity?? CORNY!!!!!” JT tweeted.

The City Girls rapper then responded to a fan asking how the rumor about them fighting came about which she said was a result of GloRilla not immediately shutting down the story.

“I guess she was waiting on her tape to address & who gone clear up going viral for slapping someone when the whole hood believed it! It was on brand!,” she wrote.

After catching wind of JT’s tweets, GloRilla hopped on X to defend herself. “Hoe shut yo dumb ass up & fix dem uglass wigs I said it ain’t no beef ho you da one with da secret animosity,” she wrote

Glo later shared a tweet of her own that read, “Nvm no free promo,” which then caused both rappers to diss each other in a series of tweets.

“Don’t make me pop up at one of them Backyard BBQ shows you doing,” Glo warned. “You feeling a way about SLAPPING RAP BITCHES AND MAKING BAIL HO. Guess that last run in had you thinking you da only bitch I touched?” Not long after, The City Girls rapper sent out a message saying “Pending,” along with eight of her mugshots from over the years and a blank spot circled in red, implying an upcoming one.

“I mentioned yo name to clear the air! What you wanted me to say I didn’t slap you but I hit you with a purse instead??? Scary ass ho,” Glo said in one of her tweets before JT said, “OMG you are a liarrrr! Bitch you didn’t hit me with shit FANNED out ass bitch you approach me sounding like an old beat up box Chevy ‘WHAT UP GANG’.”

JT went viral earlier this week when she addressed female rappers who have been allegedly sneak dissing her.

“Bitches be Sneak dissing letting they flunky wanna be ME ass friends hype they head up but when I come just know I’m not gone play with neither one of yall bitches yall long over due! HATING ASS BITCH!” she wrote in the first tweet.

She continued, “I’m the most supportive bitch ever with receipts! But some where in a bitch air ass head I’m their competition! Out of ALL these bitches who dick you ride you wanna pick me as your enemy L O S E R!”

Last year, JT dismissed rumors of an altercation with Glo at the VMAs, which allegedly stemmed from claims that JT ignored her during the awards show. However, the incident was never officially confirmed.

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