Gizelle Bryant Says She 'Can't Stand' Karen Huger in Explosive Fight During 'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season Premiere |

Gizelle Bryant Says She ‘Can’t Stand’ Karen Huger in Explosive Fight During ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Season Premiere

‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ is back and it looks like the girls are coming for the Bravo crown!

via People:

During Sunday’s season six premiere, Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger came ready to fight after butting heads all last season. Most recently, Gizelle, 50, felt that Karen, 58, owed her an apology for constantly questioning her relationship with ex-husband Pastor Jamal. (Gizelle and Jamal were back together at the time of filming, but have since split again). 

“Karen, girl, you done cross me, honey — you talked about me and my family,” she said in a confessional when Karen arrived at a dinner party at costar Wendy Osefo’s house. “You need to apologize immediately.” 

“Matter of fact, as soon as she saw me, she should have run up to me and been like ‘Gizelle, you know what, I’m sorry. I lost my mind … I was mad because Ray don’t love me,'” she continued, referencing Karen’s husband. “But she gon’ saunter in in a ball gown and not say a word? Yeah no, I’m cool on you.” 

The tension between the pair came to a head while the whole group was eating dinner later in the episode once people began to wonder where fellow cast member Candiace Dillard Bassett was. 

“Candiace, she is sick, she called me literally 10 minutes before,” Wendy explained, though Robyn Dixon speculated that she didn’t come because of her own lingering issues with Karen from last season. 

“I think she didn’t want to be here,” said Robyn. “Maybe she’s not ready to be in your presence. I don’t know, that’s just me being skeptical because I’m skeptical.” 

“Yeah, I think you guys just need a one-on-one to sit down,” said Wendy, 37. 

“I’m not gonna ignore the fact that she was deeply hurt,” Karen said. “And she needs that time and I have to respect the process. I valued our friendship and it’s worth a conversation.”

“Now for us to move forward, I need to hear where Candiace and I are so that I can move accordingly and do my part,” she added in a confessional. 

“It would just be nice to clear the air altogether,” Ashley Darby said before adding of Candiace, “I don’t know if we’ll ever get to a good place either.”
When Robyn, 42, asked what their issue is, Ashley, 33, explained that the two simply “don’t mesh.”  

Things soon went south when Wendy said she hopes everyone “can be collectively in a great place.” 

“That might be a little difficult,” Gizelle said as the group went silent. “We all know I can’t stand Karen.” 

“The feeling’s mutual,” Karen replied. 

“Me and drunk Karen will probably never be good,” Gizelle said. “So, I have decided that I’ll just tell the truth — your whole truth, your drunk truth, your cheating truth…” 

“Shut up, just shut up,” Karen yelled back, as Gizelle continued, “I’ll spread it out over time, don’t worry. I won’t tell it all tonight, I’ll spread it out.” 

The conversation then took a strange turn when Karen began talking about Gizelle’s “fiery box.”

“You want to talk about your fiery box that’s on fire and that’s why you can’t keep a man? Do you want to do that?” she said, while Wendy attempted to clarify, “Are you talking about her coochie on fire?” 

“Oh yes she has a hot box,” Karen continued. “Tell everybody what’s going on between them legs of yours.” 

Attempting to cut the tension, Robyn quipped, “You a gynecologist?” but the conversation went on. 

“My hot box, it’s called the WAP box. Okay?” Gizelle said in her confessional, referencing the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion hit. “And Karen, your box is all the way dry. I’d take a WAP box over a drop box, any day of the week, honey.” 

“She’s obsessed with my coochie, because we all know the dingdong at her house is broken,” Gizelle then added to the group — referencing Ray again. 

“Gizelle, what you will not do is disrespect my husband when your dingdong is in everybody else’s vagina,” Karen returned, alluding to Jamal’s past infidelity. 

“At least it works,” Gizelle said. 

“You’re a broken w—- from Hampton University and everybody knows it and that’s why we went to Sing Sing,” Karen said, talking about the now-closed prison in Ossining, New York, much to everyone’s confusion. 

“What is Sing Sing? Is it a city?” Ashley asked, as the episode concluded with an always-mysterious “To Be Continued…” 

Earlier in the episode, Wendy gave her friends an update on what she has been up to during the COVID-19 pandemic at her appropriately titled “nude interlude” dinner party, revealing that she got a boob job as well as some other “tweaks.” 

“So, during the quarantine I have just spent some time thinking about Wendy and what Wendy wants in her life and just getting to know me. I felt as though there was a point in my life where I realized I’m living for my children, and I’m not living for myself,” she explained. “And then after I was done pumping with Cam I said to myself, ‘What am I going to do for me?'” 

“I want to introduce you guys to my new friends,” Wendy later said as she removed a silk robe. “Happy, Ness.” 

When the group first sat down for dinner, the conversation about plastic surgery continued and Wendy asked newcomer Mia Thornton about her history with procedures. 

“What about you, what have you had done?” she asked. “It seems like you’ve had a lot.” 

“Oh, everything,” Mia, 36, admitted. “And I own it! So I get my Botox every four weeks, I get fillers, I have my lips, I have four boobs, I had a tummy tuck, I had abdominoplasty, had my a– done, I mean I can continue to go on.” 

“I even have my c— worked on,” she then added — causing her brand new fellow cast members to go silent. 

“I need another drink,” Wendy said, adding in her confessional, “Oh, girl. You got your CC done? Who was smashing that? Or whom?” 

“Okay, Mia girl I just met you, I don’t ever want to know what you got done to your vagina,” Karen told the cameras.  

“That thing has been beat to a pulp. That’s really the only thing I can deduce,” Ashley said in her own confessional. 

Mia’s had all that done before the age of “36”? Okay, girl. ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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