Is That You Girl? Lark Voorhies Steps Out in Hollywood Looking...Different [Photos] |

Is That You Girl? Lark Voorhies Steps Out in Hollywood Looking…Different [Photos]


Lark Voorhies, better known as “Lisa Turtle” from Saved By The Bell made a rare appearance last night as she stepped out to the Where We Started movie premiere in Hollywood.

That might be one of the most extraordinary face beats we’ve ever seen.

In fact, her face is SO beat that you could almost consider it abuse.

She posed with former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard who posted a pic of the two to Instagram along with the caption:

“Last night at the premiere of “Where we started” on a nice outing with Lark Voorhies aka Lisa Turtle on #SavedByTheBell She looks great and is staying in shape for some big things.”


Her mother came out and said that Lark’s been diagnosed with Bipolar disease, but Lark insists she doesn’t have it. Last we saw, Lark gave a bizarre interview refuting all mental health rumors.

Someone needs to pull her aside, quick fast and in a hurry. It hurts to see our ‘Lisa Turtle’ like this.

Fix it, Jesus!

Update: We like to be fair over here at, so we’d like to share a photo a love muffin brought to our attention. Could Lark’s face simply be the victim of poor lighting?  See a different angle below.



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