Ginuwine Addresses Becoming a Meme After Video of His Dance Moves Go Viral [Video]

Ginuwine has been going viral for the past few days for some less-than-impressive dance moves — and how the R&B singer has responded.

via Complex:

In a series of viral tweets, fans poked fun at Ginuwine, with one person comparing him to Family Guy’s hypersexual character Quagmire. In another tweet, Ginuwine was photoshopped dancing in line next to Michael Jackson in the King of Pop’s iconic “Thriller” music video.

It didn’t take long for Ginuwine to catch wind of the trolling.

On Thursday night, the “Pony” singer hopped on Instagram to issue a response to those who are ripping his dancing prowess.

“I was shooting TV stuff in Vegas that you will see in October (secret) But couldn’t respond to a lot of this internet cyber stuff,” he wrote. “Phone been ringing, blogs calling, friends calling, WOW.”

He went on to remind fans that he’s ready to take the jokes in stride.

“And for those who know me you already know I’m defiant as fuck so letsgetit!!!!” Ginuwine added. “I see I gotta stop calling myself the ole man lol I didn’t know I was still even news-worthy; Funny or not, my homies always tell me you don’t understand who you are G. Wow!!! Ok now I do, so it’s on. Thank y’all indeed.”

Bless his heart. See Ginuwine’s response below — he can keep that podcast to himself.

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