Gayle King Reveals She Once Loaned a Guy She was Dating $4K for a ‘Child Support Issue' and a Furniture Payment |

Gayle King said she once loaned a man she was dating $4,000 for a “child support issue” and a furniture payment.

via Page Six:

“I went on a date and I was really excited about it. We’d gone out maybe two months and he said he really needed to talk to me, he wanted to a have private conversation,” she recalled on a recent episode of “The Pivot” podcast.

That’s when the “CBS Mornings” co-host — who is BFFs with Oprah Winfrey — said he asked to borrow $4,000 from her.“You know what Oprah said, ‘God I would’ve felt better if he had said $40,000,’” King quipped.

“I was so crushed ’cause here was somebody who was making, you know, six figures, successful,” she added.

“And when I said, ‘Could I ask what it’s for?,’ he said, ‘Yeah. It was for a child support issue and to pay a payment on some furniture.’”

King said her date vowed to pay her back by that forthcoming Thursday.

“I wrote it [the check] because I thought it had to be very difficult for him to ask me and I just figured that would be that,” she explained.

While the unidentified man did pay the “King Charles” co-host back on time, she said the incident forced her to view the relationship differently.

“I didn’t feel the same. It just changed the relationship for me,” she confessed.

Elsewhere in the interview, King talked about how difficult it was for her to date because men have told her that she is “intimidating.”

“Somebody said to me once, ‘Gayle, look at your shoes … look at your bag, look at your coat. You’re friends with Oprah,’” she said.

“A guy looks at that and says, ‘I can’t compete with that.’ But my thing is, it’s not a matter of competing. I’m not looking for someone to compete.”

King said she just wants someone who has a sense of humor, is “very secure” and not intimidated by “whatever all of this is.”

The broadcast journalist wed attorney William Bumpus in 1982.

The pair — who share daughter Kirby and son.

Not even the CIA would be able to get that information out of us — but at least he paid her back!

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