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Future’s Baby Mama Eliza Reign Slams Summer Walker for Criticizing the Amount of Her Child Support Request [Photos]

Eliza Reign, the mother of Future’s baby, has put Summer Walker on blast after the singer criticized Reign for requesting $53,000 a month in child support from the rapper.

via Complex:

Reign took to her Instagram Story to shed light on the situation between her and Future, while calling out Walker for speaking on a situation that she isn’t involved in, alleging that Walker’s boyfriend London on Da Track “is doing the same if not worse than the person I’m battling in court.” Reign told Walker that what she should be doing is using her platform to fight against “this type of neglect of children and abuse of women.”

Elsewhere, Reign denounced Walker for bashing a fellow black woman and not holding London accountable for his own actions. Reign explained that her child support is $53,000 because the court did a general assumption of income based on how much Future makes.

She also called Walker a “deadbeat girlfriend” and “musty,” referencing the fact that Walker said some time ago that she doesn’t like taking showers.

The mother of one of London’s children, Erica Racine also slammed the singer on her Instagram Story, writing, “If u don’t have kids, don’t speak on the subject.” She continued, “If somebody asks about what note to sing in or how to clean a toilet, it’s your time to shine… But kids, nah.” She also alleged in a video that Walker is the reason that London hasn’t seen his kids in months.

Earlier this week, a Florida judge recommended Future pay Reign $3,200 a month in child support, a number that was reached due to Future claiming he only makes $30,000 a month. Last year, Eliza sued the rapper for paternity, child support, and custody of her 1-year-old daughter Reign. Eliza said Future was the father, which was confirmed when he submitted a DNA test.

As for Walker and London’s relationship: it appears that the couple split in April following footage that surfaced of the producer choking Walker and her asking him to stop. It’s unclear if the couple has rekindled their romance, though from Racine’s comments, it looks like they have. London is also the only person that Walker follows on her official Instagram account.

See the back and forth for yourself via the screenshots below.

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