Funk Flex Accuses Cardi B of Paying for Radio Play [Video]

Cardi B’s success has been the breakout story of 2018, but Funk Flex believes there may be some unseen forces contributing to Cardi’s sudden rise.

Specifically, Funk believes Cardi’s team has been pay radio DJs to play her songs.

“I think Cardi is a great entertainer and has great songs,” Flex said on Instagram Wednesday. “BUT LETS BE CLEAR,” he said. “CARDI’S TEAM AND MANY OTHER ARTIST (in the beginning of career) PAY DJS TO PLAY RECORDS AND SAY THAT ‘THEY ARE HOT.'”

Flex says he’s never taken these types of payouts, but also claimed to have emails from several different record labels showing the behavior.

Let’s be honest, “payola” has been around since the dawn of radio. However, if it’s that easy for labels to pay to make songs hot — then maybe Nicki should have her label invest a little bit more.

Update: Funk Flex took to Twitter to ‘clarify’ his comments.

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