French Montana Says He Hasn’t Drank in Over a Year Due to 'Health Scare' [Video]

French Montana is living a healthier lifestyle after he was admitted into a hospital last year following a health scare. The “Pop That” emcee spoke to XXL and opened up about his decision to stop drinking as he enters, what he calls, his “second chapter in the game.”

via: Complex

French Montana was admitted to a hospital last year following what he called a “health scare,” and now the rapper has opened up about how that experience changed him.

In his XXL cover feature, the rapper opened up about the experience, and admitted that it came down a combination of exhaustion and addiction. “I was runnin’ for like a good 20 years without a break, and God put a stop to that,” he explained at the 5 minute point of the video interview released alongside the profile. “I had a little health scare. I tell people all the time, ‘If you don’t end up in the ICU after your birthday, then it wasn’t a good birthday.'” He was admitted to the ICU shortly after his 35th birthday.

At the time, it was reported that Calabasas police paid an “unexpected visit” to the rapper, who was acting abnormally. Sources indicated that French had been suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, severe stomach pains, and an irregular heart rate. The experience clearly left an impact on the rapper, who seems committed to living a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle after experiencing the health scare.

“[I] Just collapsed, too much drinking, too many pills,” he continued. “Perocet starts off as pain relief, and then it ends up being a hobby, and then it ends up being an addiction.” He went on to suggest that coming from nothing to becoming a millionaire could have had an impact on him “overdoing it,” especially with how fast-paced his lifestyle had gotten in his pursuit of success.

“When I went to the hospital, they were like, ‘If you drink you’ll die,'” he added, explaining that he’s not had a drink since last November. “That’s why I took a break,” he said. “I just, you know, I just did French 2.0. And this is how I changed it. Stepped back, took two steps back, didn’t drop no music, detox from social media… And I think that was like the hardest thing I ever did in my life, to snatch myself back. So, for me to stop everything and just step back, that was like one of my biggest accomplishments. Top two, it’s after taking my mother back to Africa…So that was the day, it was Nov. 21, [2019] last year. And since that day, I never had a drink. I just made a year.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he also touched upon ending his long-standing beef with Jim Jones. The two recently teamed-up on a number of tracks, including “Too Late.”

“We shut down the bridge in the middle of the city [in New York], that connect, you know, Harlem and The Bronx, and it was a moment where there was 100 gangstas… and everybody like standing, like, you know, one side stand on one side, and just like, the love was so immaculate and there was just a moment for hip-hop that was just like, damn, I wish I woulda did this before,” he said.

Health is wealth, glad French made a positive lifestyle change especially after such a bad health scare last year.

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