French Montana Denies Getting Punched by 50 Cent: 'I Wish He Would Touch Me' [Video] |

French Montana Denies Getting Punched by 50 Cent: ‘I Wish He Would Touch Me’ [Video]

French Montana says he did NOT get punched by 50 Cent — despite what the internet wants you to believe.

via Complex:

Rumors of a physical altercation began circulating Saturday, after a video of the alleged aftermath popped up on social media. The clip does not show the hip-hop stars or any signs of a scuffle; it’s just a group of people leaving Miami’s E11Even nightclub, where the fight reportedly took place on Jan. 31. The club was hosting Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

Well, French is now attempting to set the record straight, while accusing Fif of spreading the punching rumor.

“Tell people the real story. I went to the club you was hosting. You heard I was coming, you walked out the back, you was in the car,” French said, before showing the sides of his face to prove there were no marks. “I wish he would touch me …”

The beef between Fif and French has been building over the past month. The two have continued to exchange shots on social media, with 50 accusing French of leasing an old Bugatti and claiming the Coke Boys rapper was once beat up by Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers crew. French addressed the latter claim in Saturday’s video.

“First you want to spread out the news about me and Dream Chasers—I saw Meek yesterday, we laughed about it. Shout out to Meek,” he said. “Now you want to roll with this and call the bloggers about some dumb shit, after you just paid for your [Hollywood Walk of Fame] star. But look at my face though … And tell them how you was in the car and never came out of the car … who the fuck you think you fucking with dinosaur?”

Fif has yet to issue a response.

Watch French’s full video below.

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