Freddie Gibbs Reacts to Instagram Banning Him: ‘End of an Era’ [Photos]

The bulk of Freddie Gibbs’ Instagram followers know his Story section isn’t for the faint of heart but apparently the social media giant has seen enough. The Bandana creator revealed that Instagram actually reached out to him to give him the ill-fated news his account is gone because his post went against their Community Guidelines.

via: Complex

In the immortal words of Gangster Gibbs himself, “D’Fuck?!”

On Monday, Freddie Gibbs revealed on Twitter that his infamous Instagram page has been banned.

It’s unclear what caused Facebook Inc. to remove Gibbs from Instagram, but as his followers know, Freddie is no stranger to policy violations. If a fan were to happen upon his Instagram Stories, they wouldn’t see the typical merch links, fan shout outs, or music previews that other artist post. Instead, they would stumble into a wormhole of hilarious—but often crude—videos from the dark web. There is also no shortage of memes, fight clips and compilations, and humor tailored to his Midwest gang affiliations.

This atypical approach to social media helped make Freddie’s page a hidden gem on the social network. Now it seems the rapper will funnel his talents to Twitter (or other places) as he waits on Mark Zuckerberg & Co. to free his account.

Fans are also taking to social media in hopes that Freddie gets back on the app.

It be noted this isn’t the first time Freddie has been kicked off the ‘Gram. In March, he claimed Instagram called him personally to tell him that he was banned.

Just a friendly reminder that we do not own any of those social media profiles, they can be shut down and there’s nothing we can do.

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