Former NFL Player Zac Stacy Sentenced for Attacking Ex-Girlfriend

Former NFL player Zac Stacy was sentenced to six months in jail this week for attacking his ex-girlfriend.

via Complex:

According to WESH, Stacy pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief last month. His sentencing comes after security footage was entered into evidence, appearing to show him punching and throwing ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans into a TV in the presence of their infant son.

Stacy was arrested in November 2021 after Evans posted the video on Facebook, urging viewers to help her locate the former running back, who was gone by the time authorities arrived at the scene.

Evans alleges in her restraining order application that Stacy punched her several times in the head as she begged him to stop because their then-5-month-old child was nearby on the couch. Stacy continued to attack Evans by throwing her into a TV and body slamming her on their son’s bouncy seat.

As part of his plea deal, Stacy received one year of probation, and the battery charges were dropped.

Evans posted a video on Instagram earlier this week in which she argued that Stacy should not face any jail time over the incident. 

“I didn’t advocate for jail because the lack of resources, the lack of rehabilitation, the lack of education for mental health, and the psychological effect it may have on our son, having already developed a relationship with his father,” she wrote. 

Stacy was drafted in the fifth round by the Rams in 2013, and played three seasons in the NFL. 

It would be great if the NFL had a ‘zero-tolerance policy’ when it came to players — but if it did they wouldn’t have many players left.

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