Former Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Says She Got Breast Implants as a Teen, Per Her Mom's Suggestion [Video] |

Former Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Says She Got Breast Implants as a Teen, Per Her Mom’s Suggestion [Video]

Christy Carlson Romano credits her mom for her decision to get breast implants as a teenager.

via Page Six:

After the former Disney Channel star experienced “body image issues big time” from filming “Cadet Kelly” in 2002, Sharon Romano suggested plastic surgery.

“At the time obviously, I was coming of age in Hollywood … and my mom and me looked at footage or some s–t,” Christy, 39, recalled on Tuesday’s episode of the “Vulnerable” podcast.

“She was like, ‘Christy, if you want to get breast implants, I just want to let you know that’s an option.’”

The “Even Stevens” alum clarified that her parent is “from a whole different generation,” saying, “I love my mom. … She was stage mom-ing that moment.”

Christy noted that she “did decide to go through with” the procedure after her 18th birthday.

The “Kim Possible” alum added that she felt “really ugly” in “Cadet Kelly” since her character, Jennifer Stone, “wasn’t glam” and “in juxtaposition” to Hilary Duff as Kelly Collins.

“I had that really tight very, like, rigid uniform on,” Christy said. “I remember seeing [myself] … standing face-to-face with her and I’m completely flat-chested.”

The singer spoke to her co-star Andrea Lewis in the episode, with the 38-year-old actress saying she had “almost the polar opposite” experience on set.

“I have big boobs, I’ve always had big boobs, I had big boobs even then and my little uniform made me look flat-chested,” Lewis said. “I thought I looked great.

“Look at me, thriving!” she continued as Christy laughed. “I would never have looked at you and thought that something looked [off].”

The interview marked the first time Christy has spoken about her plastic surgery, and her Instagram followers praised the “heartbreaking” reveal in comments.

The Broadway star is often candid with her fans, detailing her alcoholism and financial struggles over the years.

Christy has been married to Brendan Rooney since December 2013, with whom she shares daughtersIsabella, 6, and Sophia, 4.

Watch the clip below.

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