Former Beauty Queen Comes Out as 'Queer' |

Former Beauty Queen Comes Out as ‘Queer’


Former Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent has announced that she’s “queer” after her home state’s ban on recognizing out-of-state gay marriages was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge last month.

She made her announcement via her blog on Feb. 20.

“For a while, I struggled with the decision of whether or not it was necessary to ‘come out,'” she wrote. “…I have realized that there is really no way for people to know that I disagree with their views or, even moreso, to know that they are talking about me, unless I actually open my mouth and say it.”

“I am queer,” she declared.

Trent said she struggled with her decision but decided to come out because of Kentucky’s current battle over gay marriage.

“People can’t know that their best friend, brother, sister, co-worker, neighbor, news anchor, favorite singer, or local coffee shop barista is being oppressed and denied the rights in which their heterosexual counterparts [that] are so happily welcomed partake, unless you open your mouth and say it,” Trent wrote.

In a follow-up post, she wrote that she had three goals with her announcement – self-liberation, inspiration and awareness. She also cited Ellen Page’s recent decision to come out as inspiration.

“Listening to her speech, I was able to relate on so many levels,” Trent wrote. “But this is what really hit me: ‘I am tired of lying by omission…’ Girl, what?! For real! Lying by omission and using non-descript pronouns … that gets really old, really quick.

Kudos to Djuan for her bravery!
[via NY Daily News]
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