Former 'Basketball Wives' Star Gloria Govan Accused of Fraud in Lawsuit Over Cannabis Business |

Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Gloria Govan Accused of Fraud in Lawsuit Over Cannabis Business

Gloria Govan, actress and reality TV star once in a relationship with Matt Barnes and now married to Derek Fisher, has a lawsuit against her.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, a company called Silver Leaf Events sued Govan and her company RLNTLSS Brands.

The suit accused the defendants of breach of contract, fraud, intentional misrepresentation, and conspiracy to engage in unfair business practices.

In the complaint, the company said its owner Amanda Tingler was introduced to Govan in January 2023. The two discussed Silver Leaf helping with the production of episodes of a video project for Govan’s cannabis business.

The company said it put together a proposal with estimates for the videography and postproduction editing services. Silver Leaf said Govan agreed to move forward with the proposal and asked for an official contract.

Silver Leaf said it sent over the contract in April 2023. The company said Govan was to pay $15k for the services.

“[Silver Leaf] worked on the project through the end of April while regularly collaborating with GLORIA GOVAN and getting things ready with the brands and production team for filming,” the suit said. “[Silver Leaf] filmed the content for the project, as directed by GLORIA GOVAN, on April 19, 2023. That morning, prior to filming, [Silver Leaf] sent GLORIA GOVAN a text message reminding her to sign the contract and to please send payment immediately.”

Govan claimed she would bring the contract and check. The company claimed she never did and they got the run-around for weeks.

The company said it expressed its concerns about payment to Govan. It said she promised to send a wire but it never materialized. In addition, they claimed she continued to make promises of payment but never followed through.

The suit read, “GLORIA GOVAN messaged [Silver Leaf] back saying that she was going to send money on Zelle for $7500.00 of the amount that was owed for production of the first episode. Again, Defendants sent no payment for this amount to [Silver Leaf]. GLORIA GOVAN then stated that she could only send $1,000.00, but she would send more in “installments” as they moved forward with the project.”

Silver Leaf said it has “not received any further payments from the Defendants.”

Eventually, the company said it stopped work on the project in May 2023 due to the alleged non-payment.

“[Silver Leaf] reasonably believes that Defendants manipulated Ms. Tingler and forced them to take on costs related to their business with no intention of paying for the work performed or the production costs,” the suit read.

The company demanded $30k in damages.

As first reported, Govan was recently ordered to pay her ex-lawyers $200k in a lawsuit over an unpaid bill related to her divorce from Matt Barnes.

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