Former 'Basketball Wives' Star Brandi Maxiell Blasts Her Husband for Cheating -- Again [Photos]

Brandi Maxiell can’t catch a break.

The former ‘Basketball Wife’ took to social media to blast her husband, Jason Maxiell, for trying to creep behind her back.

If you recall, her entire stint on ‘Basketball Wives’ centered around her trying to get back on track with her cheating husband.

Things obviously hasn’t changed.

She took to Instagram with a now-deleted post that said:

“Everyone go follow my f*cked up husband. I can’t seem to because he follows b***s.” 

She THEN added that the trash will be “picked up tomorrow,” before finishing with “Being pissed off gets old.”

Check out her now-deleted posts below.

Sometimes you have to know when to walk away for good.

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