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Floyd Mayweather Offers $100,000 Reward Following Burglary of Las Vegas Home [Photo]

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram Saturday morning to offer a $100,000 reward after he says his Las Vegas home was burglarized.

via: Revolt

“One’s home is their sanctuary, place of peace, relaxation and comfort,” he captioned his post. “When someone violates that sanctuary, it is disturbing and hurtful.” The thieves, Mayweather shared, took off with expensive handbags as well as “other belongings of substantial value.” He is now offering a $100,000 reward “for information that leads to the return of” his valuables.

“The level of disrespect and greed it takes for someone to do this is unfathomable,” he continued.

“Thank you for to anyone who comes forward with any information. God bless.”

The burglary of Mayweather’s Las Vegas property is one of a few thefts reported in the last few days. Swae Lee previously claimed that he was robbed of $300,000 worth of jewelry, including some chains, during his recent Miami trip. According to multiple reports, a bracelet was later returned to the emcee, prompting him to believe that workers at South Beach’s Mondrian Hotel — the hotel where he stayed — were behind the heist. Police have yet to find evidence that supports Swae’s suspicions.

French Montana’s driver was also the victim of a recent burglary. As Page Six reported, the 18-year-old driver was standing by his car outside the Dream Hotel in Manhattan on Sunday (June 13) when he was approached by two robbers donning black masks. He was asked for his $40,000 gold Cuban link chain, but upon his refusal, one of the thieves brandished his gun and fired at the ground. The driver gave the men his chain and $300,000 Richard Mille watch, and they fled the scene of the crime after obtaining their desired items.

Who would want to risk being on Floyd’s bad side.

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