Fivio Foreign Says He Once Had Sex With His Sister’s Sister: ‘She Wasn’t Related to Me’ [Video]

Fivio Foreign expressed regret over a sexual encounter he had in high school.

via: AceShowbiz

Appearing in a recent episode of “Dirty Street Confessions”, he set tongues wagging with his confession of his biggest regret when it comes to sex.

The rapper, whose real name is Maxie Lee Ryles III, revealed that he once had sex with his sister’s sister. Before everyone was speculating that it’s also his sister, he suggested that he and the girl were not blood-related because he and his sister don’t share the same father and the woman could be from his half-sister’s father’s relationship with another woman.

“My sister, she been left the house, she came back and spent the night in my house with her sister from her father’s side,” Fivio recounted. “She wanted to f**k me, I was a kid, I was, like, in high school. My sister’s sister, she wasn’t related to me. I f**ked her.”

But it wasn’t the worst part of it. Fivio said he and the girl had sex while his sister was sleeping in the same room. “But let me tell you why it was the worst… because my sister was in the room and it was nighttime, we were all asleep, sleepover thing, and I had to go viral on her and I just felt like I shouldn’t have done it,” he said.

Also on the podcast, Fivio revealed “the freakiest” thing he ever did in bed. “The freakiest s**t I ever did?” he repeated the question, before dishing, “I did a threesome with a pregnant b***h and it was real freaky. It was crazy. I didn’t eat her ass, but I eat ass.”

Fivio later admitted that he has a foot fetish and likes to suck toes. “That’s my thing,” he declared, revealing that he once told his partner to put her feet on his penis instead of sucking it. “So I’m like, yo, I like the toes,” he said. “Put your feet on it.”

Following his confession, many social users were left disgusted. “Why did we need to know this?” one baffled person asked. Another advised, “Certain things you gotta take to the grave.”

“Weird is in the air,” someone pointed out, as another told the rapper to “keep this weird s**t to yourself.” One other user said, “Nah, that’s still too close for me!” while someone else added, “I can’t keep defending you, Fivio.”

The clip, which was posted Wednesday, drew mixed reactions from fans; many were amused, some were shocked, and others were down-right disgusted. Watch below.

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