First Look: Naomi Campbell, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga & More as Their 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Characters [Photos]


American Horror Story fans are in for a treat, because thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we’ve been granted our first look at next season’s characters.

With Jessica Lange out, Lady Gaga takes over as the fifth installment’s key character. Known as the Countess, she survives on sex and blood and kills her prey with her sharp chainmail glove.


Naomi Campbell plays Claudia, a Vogue editor who stays at the hotel and ends up regretting her decision. Word has it that her character will be at odds with the Countess.


Angela Bassett plays Ramona Royale, a film star once romantically involved with the Countess. Word has it that her character will also be at odds with the Countess.


Matt Bomer plays Donovan, the Countess’ lover of 20 years. Donovan gets jealous when another man enters the picture, so expect drama there.


Kathy Bates plays Iris, Donovan’s mother. She also works at the hotel.


Below are additional cast photos from American Horror Story: Hotel. To read their character descriptions, click here.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on October 7.

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